About Us

Diane has worked in and around the animal profession for over 30 years, working for vets, groomers, the R.S.P.C.A, and oldham cats.

She has gained valuable experience in caring for a wide range of animals and also the administering of medication including insulin for diabetic cats and dogs.

Diane has references from vets, groomers and also from satisfied customers.

Diane is also qualified to microchip your pets at your own home and this service will be available soon.

She has an N.V.Q.2 in animal care and Pet Au Purrs is fully insured.

Diane has two dogs, 

Fizz who is 9 years old and is a cross standard poodle with border collie,

And Eccho who is nearly 3 years old and a double merle border collie, and is deaf and visually impaired.

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And one cat Miss Mayhem, who we have hand reared from one week old,



and a corn snake named Merlin, 

Merlin, Dianes corn snake

Diane also has her own horse Aemoss, she has had him since he was 6 months old , he will be 9 years old this August,

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