We can provide transport ( for a small charge ) and would be happy to hold a key for your property so that you dont even have to be there when we collect and return your dog, giving you even further flexibility in your working day.


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Dog Walking

There are many reasons why people find this service invaluable. For some, they work long hours and can’t walk their dogs as often as they’d like. Some people are unable to walk their dogs at all; perhaps they are elderly, disabled or recovering from an operation. Some people feel their dogs need an extra walk each day for exercise and general well-being. And some people just fancy a day off from walking the dog – and why not?

Whatever your reason, PET-AU-PURRS can provide this service for you. Each customer’s dogs are walked separately from others, unless arrangements have been discussed to introduce dogs for socialization purposes, and can be taken on routes that they’re used to. This can be a one-off service or we can set up a routine that suits you and your pet.

The standard cost for dog walking is from £11.00 for an hours walk. If you would like your dog to have a longer walk, or you have more than one dog, we can tailor this service to suit your requirements. Call Diane for a free, no-obligation quote on or 0794 289 2729, Or email



Pet Sitting Service

Whenever we’re away from home for any length of time, whatever the reason, we all feel a bit guilty about leaving our pets behind, and many pets (and owners) can find boarding establishments a little stressful.

The PET AU PURRS pet sitting service enables your pet to stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own surroundings, being fed and looked after just as they would if you were there.

PET AU PURRS can visit as many times as you want per day, ensuring as much consistency to their routine as possible. This service is particularly effective with older pets or those of a nervous disposition, as it doesn’t expose them to the potential stress of a change in environment that a boarding establishment might.

PET AU PURRS is also experienced in giving prescribed medication to your pets and is on the cats protection league Diabetic cat register, this pet sitting service is offered for the majority of domestic pets. The nature of visit, length of time required and number of visits per day will depend on the type of pet.

PET AU PURRS will always make an assessment visit to your home before you go away, to meet you and your pet(s).

PET AU PURRS is not only dedicated to the welfare of your pets, but also to the security of your home. During our visit, we can ensure that your home is secure when we enter, and secure when we leave. We can also give your home that all-important ‘lived-in’ look, turning lights on and off, and opening and closing curtains according to what time of the day it is, and removing tell-tale post from behind the door. We can even have a pint of milk and fresh bread waiting for you when you return!

We expect the owner to provide enough food and sundry items (litter, waste bags etc) to last for the duration of the booking. There may be a surcharge if we need to replenish these items, at our discretion.

A full report will be left for you by the sitter and any questions you have can be addressed when you get back from your trip If it's the first time you have used a sitter then we can arrange for the sitter to update you by e-mail, fax or text wherever you are as long as you leave contact information. We want you to enjoy your holiday and if we are able to keep in contact then we will be happy to do this.

The cost of this pet sitting service can be varied to suit your pets needs and is from £6.00 for each visit per day, further visits can be arranged if needed, for a free, no-obligation quote, please phone Diane on 0779 604 5555 Payment for the service is expected before the sitter's first visit by cash or cheque This can be arranged at your assessment visit.

Horse and pony care

Horses and ponies can be looked after on a daily basis whenever you cant be available for the mucking out Pet Au Purrs will set up a schedule to suit your needs, once in a while or every day, for a free, no-obligation quote, please phone Diane on 0794 289 2728

Pet Transport Service

PET AU PURRS offers this service to assist customers with the transportation of their pet. This service could be of value to you, for example, if you don’t have time to take your dog to the groomer or your cat to the vet. Maybe you can’t get the time off work to take them, or perhaps you don’t have the transport means to get them there.

PET AU PURRS can transport your pet. We can pick them up, take them to their destination and, if necessary, stay with them, before returning them safely to you. You can come along too, if you like! We can even transport your pet when you move house, giving you one less stress to worry about.
Charges for this service begin from when we pick up your pet and end when we deliver them back to you.

This service costs from £5.00.  If you would like a free, no-obligation quote, call Diane on 0794 289 2728

Dog & small pet Boarding

Your dog or small pets (Rabbits ect) can be boarded at our home while you go on holiday,

Dogs will have the full run of the house and garden as long as they can get on with my dogs and cat; we can set up a trial run if you are not sure of this. Caged animals can live inside or out whatever they are used to at home, The prices for boarding start from £2.00 per day for caged pets £3.00 per day for rabbits, from £21.00 per day for dogs.

Christmas new year and bank holidays
Charges do not increase over the Christmas and New Year period or bank holidays providing you book these in advance. 

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